Animal or livestock farming business is very promising in Nigeria. Livestock farming business can be operated from your backyard or as small scale or even in large scale. Livestock represents the only way in which the natural vegetation that covers large parts of Nigeria can be converted into protein products that can be used by human. It provides draught power and manure to the crop enterprise and this, in turn, provides feed and fodder. We help you do a SWOT analysis of yourself and the livestock industry you will be entering. We help you plan what kind of livestock you want and the breeds, and what kind of farm you wish to operate.

We take you through a sustainable and profitable livestock farming business which involves the following aspects:

  • Selecting the right species according to the area, weather and soil condition.

  • Selecting the right breed.

  • Proper financial planning with cost and ROI (return on investment) calculations.

  • Fixing the financial resources properly.

  • Ability in securing a loan, if you don't have the funds to start.

  • Relevant skill-sets, knowledge and expertise.

  • Using proper equipment and upgraded technology.

  • Livestock farm record book.

  • Risk management ability.