At AGROFLIGHT, Our Story is YOUR story. It is all about you and the need to have the best time of your life, living and fulfilling your dreams without any barriers whatsoever!

Are YOU struggling and working so hard as a farmer that you leave home very early to the farm, come back very late, working hard all year with very little or nothing to show for your efforts?

The farmer whose life has been full of struggles and it appears that hope and help are far from your reach...thanks to AGROFLIGHT the story has started changing for many who have embraced the AGROFLIGHT Agribusiness Opportunity.

Are YOU the average consumer that desires to eat fresh fruits and vegetables all year, but end up buying and consuming literally anything from the market not minding how unhealthy they are, not because that is what you can afford, but because that is what is available in the market?

AGROFLIGHT ensures you achieve a healthy eating lifestyle by connecting you and farmers with healthy agro produce, guaranteeing a safe and healthy and well fed nation.

Are YOU the citizen with little or no hope of ever becoming rich and wealthy in your lifetime, because you think the odds are certainly against YOU?

Opportunity to make up to 80% on your investment per annum is being offered on the Agroflight Investment arm. We have package for you irrespective of your financial level at the moment.

Have YOU been trying to lay your hands on what YOU think were investments, only to put your hands on your head when they evaporate into thin air? Let the story change for you today as you partner with Agroflight in the area of food security by taking advantage of the AGROFIGHT Investment Window today.

Have YOU been trying to start and run your own agribusiness but do not have the time because your present job or employment is so choking and would not allow you mind your own business, even for an Hour a Day? Yes, your money can work for you on the right things now-providing solution to a long standing national problem, ensuring food security for the teaming population.

  • Yes, YOU are the sophisticated investor who knows a real and genuine investment when YOU see one.

  • YOU want real investment that will give YOU consistent returns on investment Year in Year Out.

  • If YOU have the dream to make real impact and support a Great CAUSE. YOU have just found ONE in AGROFLIGHT as YOU are now presented with the Right Opportunity to impact the world, beginning at home in Nigeria with FOOD SECURITY translating into food safety, food sufficiency and food affordability for maximum profits to YOU.

Join us to rewrite the Story for the Next Generation on How we fought and won the war against deprivation, Scarcity of genuine healthy food and opportunity to create and multiply wealth for our people.


My Mentor once said "You know you are doing something great when you need lots of people to get it done" that is why agroflight need you to be part of this huge dream



  • Farm Land lease and sales

  • Greenhouse Farming

  • Open Field Farming

  • Agro Products Processing and Packaging

  • Imports & Exports


Our members understand these Four levels of wealth Creation:






Our Investors understand that Investment is good when done with a reputable company like agroflight that is built on integrity and honesty from inception and still stick to these values and more till date.

We also know that you understands the danger of not investing your seed capital. That is why our investment packages are for those that have the same values with us and those that understand good and realistic investment when they see one.

What we do with the Agroflight Investment arm is very simple: We invest in all the areas our investment focus outlined, that is in the agribusiness value chain in pursuit of fulfilling our primary purpose of existence and online agro products, Currency, Metals and crude oil features trading. Agroflight represents a CAUSE worth living and fighting for.

We are in partnership with a team of Experts comprising of Agribusiness Investors and traders who have made positive investments and trades for close to 10 years and have developed an Excellent Rock-solid strategy that guarantees profit to our investors.

Rather than dabble into the agribusiness sector inexperienced, invest with us and we will take the risk off you. This is an opportunity for you to leverage on our expertise and experience.

For the records, Agroflight came into existence for one singular purpose:

Food Security for Africans.

AGROFLIGHT was setup to guarantee food security all year round, which translates to healthy farm produce that will keep you healthy and fit to the extent that you may no longer frequent hospitals.

To make this cause a reality within the shortest possible time frame, and because it matters to us all, we realized the need to involve you in our projections through your investment in Agroflight.





  • BETA TEST OPTION: 12 Months minimum investment period, #100,000 - #999,000 gets 6% monthly profit which can be withdrawn every month and total capital return back after 12 months or rolled over for another 12 months and #1,000,000 and above gets 10% monthly profit which can be withdrawn every month and total capital return back after 12 months or rolled over for another 12 months


  • FULL LAUNCH OPTION: 12 Months minimum investment period, #100,000 - #299,000 gets 4% montly profit, #300,000 - #599,000 gets 5% montly profit and #600,000 - #999,000 gets 6% monthly profit which can be withdrawn every month and total capital return back after 12 months or rolled over for another 12 months and #1,000,000 and above gets 8% monthly profit which can be withdrawn every month and total capital return back after 12 months or rolled over for another 12 months.


  • Our investment plan is the full launch plan, those that start in the beta test option will have the early bird advantage of earning as high as 10% monthly for 12 months.


  • For Payment for the Agroflight Investment, pay to

  • Account Name: Agroflight Nigeria Limited

  • Bank Name: FCMB

  • Account Number: 5236831018

For Details and to fill the form for AGROFLIGHT Investment packages after payment Click Here


Take your time to read the terms and conditions of our investment process below before proceeding:

(1) Investment window will open every Monday, so all deposits within the week will start counting from the following Monday from the day payment is made

(2) We will send you an email to inform you of the starting day of your investment.

(3) The window for the Receipt of funds for investment will open throughout the week and ends Sunday 12 Midnight. Once fund is received, we will acknowledge same.

(4) Minimum deposit amount acceptable for investment is N100,000 while maximum is N50,000,000.

(5) Minimum tenor for investment is 12 months. Maximum is for as long as you wish. We work with your plan.

(6) Premature termination of investment is acceptable only with a 10-day advanced notice and 50% withdrawal charge on the profit already earned up to the termination period.

(7)Our Terms and Conditions are subject to periodic upgrades and improvements and will be communicated effectively in advance.

Following your decision to pitch your tent and do business with us, we'll like to assure you of two things:

We’re passionate about what we do. We never lose sight of what matters most which is our relationship with our Investors. We only succeed when our Investors succeed..