As part of our services we are poised to help you with the right and adequate knowledge on exports and exportable commodities. We simply go beyond providing you with the right and adequate information to empowering you with the right education that enables you source for the correct exportable in-demand products. We are also fully involved in the export activities from start to finish, connecting international buyers and sellers and putting to use our export license to facilitate easy exports.

Agroflight helps farmers grow their produce at home, and sell abroad. This is made possible through our Export Licence. Many farmers would love to sell their produce abroad but due to series of bottlenecks encountered in the exporting processes, most of these farmers do not even make attempts anymore. And for those who dare to export, they end up with so little margins or huge losses because of ignorance of what is exportable and the exportable product specifications in the international market. Making exports profitable begins with being armed with the right information and the licence for export operations.