Agroflight operates excellent contract farming known as out-growers scheme for off taking farm produce from our members. Our success hinges on satisfying our members and helping them unlock the real value of their business. To ensure adequate mutual agreement we engage in proper negotiation with buyers and inform sellers in our database on the farm produce to off take.

Our contract agreement with the buyer and the framers guarantees farmers’ commitment to sell to the buyer, and the buyer to buy from the farmer on or before harvest is ready at stipulated prices.

This is an agreement between Agroflight and our partners. We also have agreement with our members for every off taking contract they execute.

The agreement improves the productivity of smallholder farmers and agribusinesses by facilitating support (training, consultancy, access to inputs, organization, standardization etc.)

The aim is to:

  • Assess the current state of smallholders’ commodity production and competitiveness as well as identify stakeholders in the supply chain.

  • Assess the availability of potential off-takers and develop concrete business ideas with them to involve cluster smallholders.

  • Develop a model to increase competitiveness and access to viable markets by linking cluster smallholders’ farmers and off-takers.

  • Establish and strengthen the relationships with potential AGROFLIGHT partners, including off-takers and funders.