It is our duty to ensure our clients gain relevant experience and sound knowledge of farm management and best practices in agribusiness. Our consultancy services also help our clients gain adequate knowledge and understanding of soil fertility, pest management, weed management, seed selection, and also be up to date with all the technological advances because the use of new technology is vital to remain competitive in the global agribusiness sector. Farmers need to reduce crop costs and increase yield per square acre to remain competitive.

As an agribusiness consulting company, we provide expert services on:

  • Business Planning Development & Implementation:Assisting clients with business planning, planning applications, and new business ventures.

  • Collecting and analysing data on soil fertility, crop yield and other factors affecting production.

  • Organizing and conducting farm visitation to find solutions to clients' problems.

  • Counselling farmers on issues such as livestock and crop diseases, pest and weeds control, soil improvement, animal husbandry and feeding programs.

  • Studying the environmental factors affecting commercial crop production.

As an agribusiness solution provider and marketing company, we ensure that the business or enterprise of our members/clients is running as efficiently as possible.

Our expert advice covers:

  • Farmers

  • Growers

  • Landowners

  • Cooperatives

  • Public bodies

  • Agribusiness Owners

  • Crop Production

  • Marketing